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How Steam trap works | Piping Analysis

This Video explain how stream trap works

See below for more details

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Richard Cuevas : Can someone tell me who makes these videos?
They are great, what program did they use?
Mech Learner : can you please recommend any online course for piping for a mechanical engineer
Mech Learner : great video....
MD SAHIL : Fist comments
Parwez Khan : Great work sir

Let's Talk Steam Traps

Let's Talk Steam Traps.

Since the Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Trap was brought to market in 1911, the energy-saving performance of steam traps applying the inverted bucket engineering principle is legendary.

Armstrong offers a full range of steam traps as well as the remarkable trap valve station (TVS) to integrate valves and traps into one versatile package for quicker installation, simplified testing and faster maintenance.

Armstrong International has released an FREE updated interactive 40 minutes course on Steam Traps. The course objectives are: Learn the purpose of steam traps -- Explore steam trap types -- Learn how to size and select steam traps -- Identify typical maintenance and preventive measures Check it out here:

Visit our website to learn more:
Jahcobee : Cool video, informational.
Velan Steam Traps are way better and much more reliable, efficient and cost saving.
Armstrong bucket traps literature admits their trap leaks live steam every time it operates.
Jeff Strange : Just don't forget the most important Trap, the Siphon tube trap which controls the High Pressure Cut-out. I have a two million BTU steamer that only had a 1/4" siphon tube and looked at it like it was only designed for a 100,000btu boiler ? I ripped it off and installed a 3/4" trap with piping and elbows. I want my pressure gauge and high pressure cut out answering accurately with no clogs in it ever !
An He Yang : This shows that the disc trap sucks
Evan Weddell : well gotta go to bed, gotta work early in the morning
....I suppose I could
Hood Baby : My dude rockin the tache
Zylstra555 : I enjoyed this...
Max Steiner : Thank God for the rewind button. This video is densely packed.
Jared S : 3:30 inverted bucket
6:15 automatic differential
8:40 float and thermostatic
Victoire Vim : Steam traps? I thought we were having steam clams.
Hashim C A : 13:44 thermodynamic trap

Thermostatic steam trap

Almoghazy Ossama : انت شنبك اسطوري يست
rendarsmith : That is so awesome. I love how well these videos show how these mechanisms work.
Manny Abonce : nicely explained


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