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Delaval cubicle divider CC1800

Production of the DeLaval cubicle divider CC1800. From pipe to final product, the production is done in a fully automated line. Tests are done in a special build machine to guarantee the robustness of fittings and weldings.

CC1800 in action

lifting a small precast slab


Agung Setiawan : QSC or Crest audio? ?
AcousticTheory : I'm sure it's already been mentioned to you, but this isn't a QSC amp - it's a Crest. Both are good brands (though not! the same company) and I have had really good luck in the past with the CC amps. They served in a church install for a number of years and are still going. They sounded really great driving some Community iBOX 12" two-way cabinets - there is an emphasis on sound quality in these amps, since those boxes were top quality and I always had the sense that the amps really got the best from them.




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