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H.O.T - Candy, HOT - 캔디, MBC Top Music 19961207

H.O.T - Candy, HOT - 캔디, MBC Top Music(인기가요 베스트50), 71회, EP71, 1996/12/07, MBC TV, Republic of Korea

H.O.T (에이치오티) - "Candy" Lyrics [Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng]

By - ksector

Kind of fun song! I really like this song so much!

Watch on youtube:

H.O.T (에이치오티) - "Candy" Lyrics [Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng]
Song: Candy
Artist: H.O.T (에이치오티)
Album: We Hate All Kinds Of Violence
Year: 1996

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[HQ]H.O.T - Candy MV

H.O.T. was a popular five-member South Korean boy band in the mid to late 1990s. Their name is an acronym, standing for "High-five Of Teenagers". They were formed by SM Entertainment in 1996 and disbanded in 2001. There are 5 member : * Moon Hee Jun (문희준) - Leader \u0026 Sub Vocalist/rapper * Jang Woo Hyuk (장우혁) - Main Rapper * Tony An (토니안) - English Rapper/side singer * Kangta (강타)/ An Chil Hyun - Lead Singer * Lee Jae Won (이재원) - Sub Rapper \u0026 Sub Vocalist


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